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We are working 24/7 anywhere in the Queens

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24 Hour Car lock out – This is an aggravation and can be very much and emergency also!

The minute your car automatically locks with the keys in it, you are really stuck. Your child could be locked in (a very serious situation) especially in the summer months, you need a technician ASAP!! That’s why we have many technicians in all areas NYC to get your car door opened PRONTO!

Expert And Qualified Technicians
House lock out? In the middle of the day or any time, what do you do? Your child or infant is locked in or there is a pot is on the stove? This is an emergency!

We are ready and available to come immediately!! Call us and we will be there and your door will be opened in the fastest possible way.

No damage to your property and your back to your busy day.

The technician can offer you many solutions to avoid this situation in the future as well.

All of our technicians have experience and up to date training and are fully stocked

with the latest locksmithing gear and a full selection of replacement locks if need be.